Purposeful Focus In Business

The CentrPOINT: Purposeful Focus in Three Simple Steps is an easy to read resource for owners, CEOs, and start-ups. Giving them detailed and actionable plans for their companies to shift their culture, shape their vision, and create lifetime customers.Gain confidence in your decision making, happiness in your daily role, and abundance in business. Experience fulfillment with The CentrPOINT.

Mastery of Business

Mastery of Business is the absolute guide on simplifying your company and remaining relevant in a competitive and ever-changing global economy. This instructive read,builds perfectly on the back of The CentrPOINT and provides you with a clear understanding of how to master your business.

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Freedom in Business

Freedom in Business is what you’ve been working towards all along. Round out your life and the CentrPOINT series as you peel back the principles that only the super-successful know. It’s more than time management and quality marketing it’s a journey about how to have and keep joy.

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Mia’s Biography

Hi, I’m Mia Paulus, wife, mother of 7, CEO and a long-time entrepreneur who has made it my life’s work to serve entrepreneurs and executives; helping them rediscover their passion and live their true life purpose.

My devotion, from the very beginning, has been to simplify the process of scaling and sustaining a business for busy entrepreneurs and executives.

I believe that entrepreneurs can make an incredible impact on the world and a purposeful focus is critical to meet their business objectives and visions.

As the Founder and Chief Visionary at The Centr I get a chance to support all businesses—from startups to Fortune 500 clients in areas of marketing, customer experience, employee experience, technology and accounting.

By companies having one outsourced partner to fulfill and strategize the 80% that is the same in every business, companies can now focus on the 20% that makes their business unique, improving innovation while keeping a competitive advantage.

Ready to grow and scale? Send me a message. Let’s get connected.

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Is Teamsourcing Right For You?

Hiring in-house has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Just like outsourcing. However, a preferred method of outsourcing is something we call Teamsourcing. To decide if Teamsourcing is right for you let’s start with the end in mind.


Ways to Unexpectedly Leverage Your Time

If you are an entrepreneur and have spent time trying to find ways to simplify your business you are not alone. It can take years of trial and error to find a formula that fits and provides you with a solution that actually WORKS for your business.


Business Is Not A Destination, It’s A Journey

Today we have the founder and CEO of The Centr guest blogging for us. Mia Paulus has been on an entrepreneurial journey for many years and can tell you for certain, business is a journey and not a destination.

Simplicity In Business
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The Centr’s vision is to empower humanity to discover the freedom to pursue their purpose and passion to create a more abundant life and give back through authentic service to further unify families, communities and the world.






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"Over the years I have been interviewed on many topline news outlets ranging from NBC's Today show to Dateline. Being interviewed by Mia is more like sitting outside on the back porch having drinks sharing innovative and authentic ideas with a like minded leader who sincerely cares. She is extremely personable, engaging and has the ability to make you feel a part of the conversation verses answering a list of questions. Her ability to bring out energy in you is only second to her ability to connect in a light-hearted and fun way. I would suggest any influencer be available for her next show!"

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